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Dear Tasha Tudor Supporter,

As this young Museum prepares for its fourth season, we joyfully look back at our first three seasons.  

     *Attendance has grown every year with over 1000 visitors in 2012.  

     *Our first newsletter, issued in Winter 2011/2012 won a second place award in the annual New England Museum Associations (NEMA) publication competition.  

     *Our first regional chapter of the Tasha Tudor Museum Society (TTMS), launched in August 2012 in Pennsylvania, will was featured on PBS station WPSU on May 2 at 8pm.  

Some of the things we look forward to in our fourth season include:

     *The completion of the inaugural issue of the TTMS's scholarly journal, The Birdwhistle, which is mailed to all Society members who support the Museum at the Springs of Joy level or above. 

     *The 2013 exhibit, Unending Delight, Tasha's World of Dolls which will explore Tasha's sense of whimsy through the world of her dolls, will be on display June through October 19. 

Do stay abreast of all the developing news by joining the Community or visiting our website frequently.

As always, thank you to over 1000 Charter Members who made the opening of the Tasha Tudor Museum possible.

We hope to see you at the Museum this season,

Amy Tudor
August 13, 2013

left: Megan the corgi and Tasha at her 92nd Birthday Party, August 28th, 2007.

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